Announcement of Startup Pirates Lahore second edition 2015

Press Release: We are happy to announce the launch of our second edition of Startup Pirates Lahore – 2015


More than a company, a project or a non-profit, Startup Pirates is a Movement. Startup Pirates is a one week acceleration program for the entrepreneurs in the making. We are present in 20 countries and 31 cities round the globe. There are many ways to change the world and we at Startup Pirates chose entrepreneurship as the way to do it. After the huge success of our first event in 2013, we aim to launch our second edition this August in Lahore, Pakistan. Startup Pirates is a one-week program that allows the aspiring entrepreneurs to get inside the startup world and learn how to develop a business idea. With a very hands-on approach and the support of a large community of experienced entrepreneurs, we combine workshops and mentoring with a clear focus on accelerating the development of startups. After the program, our network of partners supports the teams on their quest to thrive.

With the help of experienced mentors, talented entrepreneurs and using a specific framework, Startup Pirates is 8 days event where participants can attend seminars, workshops, business games, creative activities and much more. During this time, participants have to pitch an idea, work on that idea for the all week and then make a final presentation in front of a jury of experienced Venture Capitalists. We want to provide the essential tools to create a startup and to empower young wannabe entrepreneurs who want to create a company in the near future.

Check our global website for more information and our local chapter website at

Be Brave, Be Crazy, Be a Pirate!

Ali Awais Amin

Global Facilitator


(phone) (+92) 322 4060 134


(skype) aliawaisamin

(twitter) @splahore


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