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Theresa Mays grammar schools plan faces cross-party backlash

Theresa May has been warned she will face stiff opposition to plans for new grammar schools from some senior Tory MPs as well as Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

The prime minister was facing a backlash after the Sunday Telegraph reported that she will announce a return to more selective schools in England as early as the Conservatives’ autumn conference.

Textbooks worldwide rely on gender stereotypes report finds

In a Turkish textbook, a girl is pictured dreaming of her wedding day, while a boy imagines becoming a doctor. In a Tunisian one, students are asked to complete sentences about Mr Thompson, who is in the garage washing his car, and Mrs Thompson, in the kitchen preparing lunch (“she [likes] cooking very much,” they discover). A new report from Unesco says that gender bias is rife in textbooks around the world, and is undermining girls’ motivation and achievement in schools.

Fomo stress and sleeplessness are smartphones bad for students

As with all technology, mobile phones can have their pros and cons, depending on how they are used. At their best, they can be useful tools for staying in touch, finding out new information and co-ordinating social activities. At worst, they can negatively affect concentration, communication and sleep, or increase fear of missing out, procrastination and stress.

Malala aces O Levels exams

Pakistani education activist and the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai, has aced her O’Levels exams, scoring A*s on six subjects and A grades in four subjects, her father said on Friday.