China Unveils World”s First ATM that Can Identify Faces


  • Innovative cash machine uses facial features to identify bank card owners
  • Device has passed certification and will soon be used in the market place
  • Developer claims this is the world first ATM that uses face recognition
  • Facial scan must match owner ID photo for the machine to give money
  • China-Unveils-Worlds-First-ATM-that-Can-Identify-Faces1








China has unveiled the first facial recognition ATM of the world, which will not permit the consumers to withdraw the cash unless their face matches their IDs.

According to the Xinhua news agency reports of China, this face recognition ATM is manufactured by Tsinghua University and Hangzhou-based technology company Tzekwan.










This machine also features a pre-installed camera in it that captures the facial features of the user and after that compares it along with the database of identification images.

It observes the biological features and the developers moreover said that it can identify people even if their facial features have changed to some extent due to any reason.

Tzekwan chairman Gu Zikun, an expert in anti-counterfeit technology, also claims that this machine will be available soon in the market.










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The manufacturers also believe that this machine will help police to crack-down on a range of financial crimes. The customers who use the bank cards of other people at those ATMs now will not be able to withdraw money even if they knew their accurate password.

This ATM facial recognition machine is 20 percent more perfect at verifying the authenticity of multiple currencies as compared to the normal ATM used internationally.

On the other hand, the technology is still to take a major foothold due to the security concerns and cost, whereas the main question is about its viability.



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