International MBA Scholarships at University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham provides International Business scholarships for European as well as for international students. The International Business Scholarship will be granted to candidates having worth of almost £10,000, to be used towards the Birmingham MBA tuition fee. The scholarship will be granted to candidates on need base. Moreover, the scholarship will be provided on the basis of academic ability, related experience as well as the clarity of future plans as like determined by the selection committee.
Application deadline:
Last date for application submission is 31st March 2015.
Fields of study:
International MBA Scholarships at University of Birmingham, UK 2015 are granted to international students in the fields of Social Sciences and Business.
Course Level:
These scholarships are available for chasing MBA degree at University of Birmingham.
Provider of Scholarships:
University of Birmingham, UK is offering these scholarships to international candidates.
Eligibility Criteria:
o The scholarship holder will be in financial need such as indomitable by the University. The holder of scholarship will have demonstrable experience of undertaking business internationally, along with the proof of having undertaken managerial roles in no less than two non-intuitive countries. Moreover, the candidates will clear plans of how they directed to use their MBA to further develop their engagement together with the business in various states.
o European and international candidates are eligible to apply for these scholarships.
o These scholarships will be granted to candidates on a first come, first served basis. The scholarship will be awarded to candidate on the basis of previous academic record, related experience as well as the clarity of future plans as resolute by the selection committee.
How to Apply for Scholarship:
The mode of applying for the scholarship is online.

Visit the official website of university for more details. 

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