KP government and private schools join hands to educate street children

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government as well as the private schools has joined hands to educate the street children in the province and a situation investigation would be unveiled for the purpose in three districts as pilot project this month.


A meeting of the Private Schools Association and Social Welfare and Women Empowerment Department held few days ago discussed the modalities of the project. Special Subordinate to the Chief Minister on Social Welfare and Women Empowerment Dr Mehar Taj Roghani cognizant the meeting that the creativity would be part of the Zamoong Kor (Our home) project of the regional government.

In a meeting she told that, the children would be eradicated from the streets and they will be given shelter in the Transit Shelter Home in Sidique Colony. In the next stage they will be shifted to Zamoong Kor facility at Nasapa Flats on the Charsadda Road.

Dr Roghani told the meeting that Zamoong Kor is the scheme of the provincial government where parentless, calamity-stricken as well as the poor children will be provided shelter, education and ability development facilities.


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