Miami University in USA, offers merit scholarships 2015

Miami University in USA, is offering the merit scholarships for the undergraduate students. Scholarships are awarded on the merit basis.The academic qualifications determining scholarship awards are dependent on the strength of the applicant pool. Priority will be given to those applicants who fulfill all the requirement of the Application.


Last deadline: candidates must submit their application before December 1, 2015.

Host institutes: Miami University in USA offers the undergraduate scholarships.

Study SubjectScholarships are granted in all subjects that are offered in university.

Degree LevelScholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate degree level at Miami University in USA.

Eligibility Criteria:

· Miami university scholarships are highly competitive. The academic qualification determining scholarships awards depending upon the selection of the applicant pool. The priority will be given to those students who have completed all the application requirements.

· Scholarships offer and scholarships amount will be determined by the holistic point of view of the application of the admission and through the evaluation of the application indicators. It also included rigor of coursework high school GPA, and standardize test scores. Scholarships will be granted on the high school transcript information received by the Miami University at the time of application.

Eligible nationalities: The students of US and international students can apply for the scholarships.

What does it cover

•  ACT/SAT (CR+M): 32+/ 1400+; H.S. GPA: 3.50+; Scholarship Amount (Ohio Resident): $24,000–$48,000 (half to full tuition per year) and Non-Ohio Resident: $56,000–$112,000.

•  ACT/SAT (CR+M): 30-31/ 1330–1390 +; H.S. GPA:3.50+; Scholarship Amount (Ohio Resident):$20,000-$40,000 ($5,000–$10,000 per year) and Non-Ohio Resident:$28,000–$60,000.

• ACT/SAT (CR+M): 28-29/ 1250–1320; H.S. GPA:3.50+; Scholarship Amount (Ohio Resident):$8,000–$28,000 ($3,000–$7,000 per year) and Non-Ohio Resident:$16,000–$44,000

• ACT/SAT (CR+M): 26-27/1170–1240;H.S. GPA:3.50+;Scholarship Amount(Ohio Resident): Up to $8,000 (up to $2,000 per year) and Non-Ohio Resident: Up to $16,000

Applicant must meet the Eligibility criteria. It will be consideration for a full range of merit and need based scholarships. Students will receive the full tuition annually. Scholarships may be determined factors including diversity, portfolio, area of interest and extra-curricular activities.

Selection criteria: These are merit based scholarships. Scholarships will be based on the official testing and high school transcript information received by Miami University at the time of application.

Application Procedure: it is merit based scholarships. The application for admission is used to determine merit scholarship eligibility — no additional form is required.

Deadline: The application deadline is December 1, 2015

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