Social mobility hindered by culture of inequality in school system

Social mobility in Britain is hampered by a “culture of inequality” that penalises school leavers who enter the workforce rather than higher education, according to a parliamentary report.

Academies plan turns schools into businesses says union chief

Nicky Morgan’s plans to force all schools in England to become academies is an attempt to turn education into a business and destroy the public service ethos of teachers, according to the head of one of Britain’s teaching unions.

Schools running on empty hit by deprivation funding changes

The government has frequently repeated its commitment to protecting funding for schools and to improving the life chances of disadvantaged pupils. So one headteacher in a deprived part of the country was shocked, a fortnight ago, to find a £250,000 hole in her budget.

Why I rejected cruise holidays to spend my retirement studying

“You must be mad!” My friend looked horrified. “At your age? You’ll never stick it out.”

But here I am in the British Library, hunting though lists of artworks from long-forgotten exhibitions, hoping to spot a painting of a beggar in among the still lifes of cabbage leaves and dead game. I am 69 and retired, but instead of pottering round the golf course or soaking up the sun on some Mediterranean cruise, I am studying for a PhD.

White children falling behind other groups at GCSE

White British pupils are falling behind students from other ethnic backgrounds by the time they reach their GCSEs because of a lack of support from their parents, a report has revealed.

The research, by the C

Young Muslim women take lead over men in race for degrees

Muslim girls are academically outperforming their male counterparts for the first time, researchers have found.

A “new and remarkable” cultural shift will be revealed this week to the British Sociological Association annual conference, when it hears evidence that more young Muslim women have been gaining degrees at British universities than Muslim men, even though they have been under-represented for decades.

Study Big Data Through Online Learning

In the 21st-century workforce, knowledge of big data is useful in virtually any industry, experts say. It was the desire for a degree in the field that drove John Cook, an analyst at ​Marriott International, to online education about two years ago.

Teachers leader condemns sexist bullying of swotty girls

Sexist bullying in schools is inhibiting girls from putting up their hands and speaking out in class because they fear appearing “swotty and clever”, according to a senior teachers’ leader.

En-suite education the unstoppable rise of luxury student housing

Once upon a time, students lived in the cheapest and grottiest shared houses a city had to offer. First-year students had it even worse, traditionally confined to bog-standard, barrack-like halls of residence tucked away on the edge of campus.

Secret Teacher last-minute revision classes do more harm than good

The days are getting longer and the sun is making occasional, rather shy attempts to show its face. While it may be a little pre-emptive to claim that summer is on its way, what is certain is that exam season is lurking just around the corner. This means that hundreds of otherwise sensible and well-balanced school leaders will soon develop temporary hysteria.