Pakistani Student Wins Bronze at Microsoft Office Championship

Waqas Ali, a Pakistani student welcoming from the Ghotki district as well as the aspirant of Mirpur Mathelo FCC Government Grammar School, competed and also secured a bronze medal for PowerPoint 2013 at the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2015 (MOSCW).





This event was organized between 9th to 12th August in Dallas, Texas. However, this event attracted 600,000 contributors who were well competent in Office as well as the other Microsoft products.

After the beginning qualification rounds, while the winners were asked to come to Dallas for the final series. Unhappily, Waqas Ali was the only Pakistani applicant and he even made the trip on his own expenditure. It was the 14th version of the MOSCW. The final stage of the championship saw 145 aspirants from 47 various states.

Certiport, test delivery solution provider, had planned that event. The bronze medal seized $1500 in scholarship, a trophy, and Microsoft items, HP Windows Tablet as well as the Parrot Drone for the winner. Though, the silver and gold medals contain even more awards.

Though, the first position was obtained by a resident of Thailand while the silver medal was attained by a resident of US. Altogether, there were 145 aspirants who contributed in the Office 2010-2013 class and each of which each belonging to one the 127 contributing nations.

MOSCW of next year will be organized in Orlando, Florida. We are pleased to watch out the Pakistani talent appearing at the top in competitions ranging from gaming, to sports as well as the other classes. Waqas Ali made a point that undoubtedly there is a talent hidden in all over the Pakistan however our government as well as the other institutions fails to promote these talented students or even help them get noticed in the entire world.

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