Schwarzman scholarships Program for International Applicants at Tsinghua University in China, 2015-16

The applications are appealing for the Schwarzman Scholars Program for chasing one year master degree program at Tsinghua University. The class that will begin in summer 2016 will comprises of 100 scholars. The aspirants must be at least 18 years old and 28 years old or less before 30th June 2016. All qualified aspirants will have successfully completed their undergraduate degrees prior to register as well as must be expert in English.

Application Deadline:

Last date for application submission is 1st October 2015.

Fields of study:

These scholarships are granted in the fields of Economics and Business, International Studies, or Government Policy

Course Level:

These scholarships are granted to candidates for chasing master’s degree programme at Tsinghua University.

Provider of scholarships:

Tsinghua University

Scholarship can be taken at:


Scholarships are available for:

These scholarships are available for international candidates.

Total number of scholarships:

Approximate 100 scholarships will be granted to candidates.

Time period for scholarships:

These scholarships are granted to candidates for one year to chase master’s degree.

Selection Criteria:

The candidates for this scholarship will be selected on basis of not only their academic performance and academic capability, however also on basis of their leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, and capability to anticipate paradigm changes, exemplary character, as well as wish to understand other cultures, perspectives and positions as well.


The aspirants who are selected for interviews will receive notice through email in the third week of October, and interviews will held in the second and third weeks of November. Even though, the first round of admissions notifications through email will occur in the last week of November as well as ensuing notifications will take place in the mid of December.

How to Apply:

The procedure to apply for this scholarship involves an online application as well as authorizations evaluation and also in-person regional interviews. Required Forms and Records involve:

o   Complete as well as successfully submitted online application, comprising of the requested personal statement(s) and supplementary components

o   Uploaded records or academic records

o   Three electronic letters of suggestions

A written essay in three sections:

o   CV

o   Institutional Assessment Form

o   Application Form

For more details visit the official website of university.



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