Telenor Announces Summer Internship Program 2015 for Multiple Departments

Telenor Summer Internship Program is one of the most desired entry-level career opportunities that are available for the aspirants as well as for the fresh graduates in the state. Annually large number of candidates competes for this opportunity, while few of them are finally given the chance to serve at the company for the time period of almost 8 weeks, moreover the internship program concludes in a grand Graduation Ceremony generally held in Islamabad.

Similar to the previous years, 2015 edition of Telenor Summer Internship Program has publically kicked-off whereas interested aspirants are also eligible to apply for this scholarship. For all those persons, aspirants and graduates similarly, we have gathered the following guide. This guide is based on the experiences of a former Telenor intern, and shall be advantageous for all the candidates regarding the testing and selection processes, on what to presume during vast ages of application processing, and how to meritoriously deal with one another.

Eligibility Criteria for Telenor Summer Internship Program 2015

For the candidate to be eligible for the internship program at Telenor, they must mollify one of the following criteria:

o   An aspirant of Bachelor’s who has completed at least 6 semesters of education out of total 8

o   An aspirant of Master’s who has completed at least 2 semesters of education out of total 4

o   A fresh graduated aspirant from a 4-year Bachelor’s program

o   A fresh graduated from a 2-year Master’s program

Relevant Departments for Telenor Summer Internship Program 2015

Eligible aspirants or the fresh graduates from practically any educational background can apply for the internship program. Those eligible candidates will be allocated the best-suited department according to their skills and education level. Major departments at which interns can expect their placement include:

o   Corporate Communications & Responsibility

o   Customer Relations

o   Financial Operations

o   Human Resources

o   Marketing

o   Products & Services

o   Sales & Distribution

o   Financial Services (Branchless Banking)

o   Network Engineering

o   Software Engineering

o   Technology Operations – Network

How to Apply:

The application procedure for Telenor Summer Internship Program 2015 has begun 29th March 2015, and the aspirants can visit the Career Portal at official Telenor website to apply.

Final Verdict:

Remember the following points if you are seeking for the intern position at Telenor to enhance your chances:

Prepare a strong CV which displays your additional-curricular and volunteer work,

Try to manage time effectively during the online test,

Be completely prepared for the interview,

And most importantly, believe in yourself.


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